Project details

TIME: 2019, 2 weeks

SCHOOL: Changemaker Educations

PROJECT BRIEF: To create a print and play board game with a randomized article from Wikipedia.
Rule sets must be learnable within 10-15 mins including setup time. Must be related to/reflect the theme assigned clearly. Playable within 15-20 mins per game, regardless of the play mode. 

MY ROLE: Art Director & Visual Designer

THE TEAM: Camilla Carlsson & Nomin-Erdene Togoodulam


I had the roll as an Art Director and Visual Designer. 
I used Adobe Illustrator to design the board game, all the play cards and the rule book. 
As a team we worked well together and developed the game play and game mechanics.
A picture of Nomin and me


We took inspiration from the board game “Snakes and ladder” and their game mechanics.
We added a deck of card, changed the board structure slightly, added a twist to the winning and a point structure. As we are making an award board game, we are letting the players walk the golden carpet to reach for the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards. Once a player has reached the stage the game will end and nominations will be calculated, highest nominations will win. With some action cards, booster cards and different pathways on the board we believe that the Oasis Contemporary Jazz Award board game will fit a broader range of target group.


We started of the project with a workshop with ideas and research of the theme that we got. We wanted to make an easy game which brings back Jazz to the people.
We did not want to overcomplicate a subject that might not interest that many people.
As we got the subject Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards, it is a niche subject and targeting an older audience which mostly likely has an interest in Jazz.
We aimed for a fun, educational and quick game play that everyone can enjoy.

ideation workshop: a whiteboard with post-it
papperprototype of our boardgame
first draft of the boardgame


We started with paper prototype and the I made the first draft on Adobe Illustrator.


We did over thirty play tests and iterations with family and friends. We made a lot of changes during every play test to get the final concept.

a picture of a groupe that playtest our boardgame
playtest of the first draft of the boardgame