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Pia Do

Hi, I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden and currently studying to become an experience designer at Changemaker Education.

I am a team player who enjoys collaboration and learning new things through others. I love to connect and understanding people to solve problems and produce great solutions. I am always trying to grow and learn something new.

Currently looking for an internship where I can learn, grow, and practice my UX/UI skills.
The period for the internship is 20 weeks with start from 11 January 2021.

Me facilitating a workshop
A picture of me Djing
Me opening oysters on a dinner party

I have been in the music/club scene since 2010. Started off with the creative collective Mahoyo from 2010-2014.  In 2014 I started my own company MeiYáo – DJing, music producer & hosting clubs. I have always been doing creative stuff. 

I have a passion about food, loves to cook, eat & make a wonderful experience for the guests. Over a decade I have been working as a chef on different restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden. I learnt a lot during my time as a chef, working under pressure, teamwork, and leadership (worked as a sous chef at Gretas, Haymarket by Scandic). 

A picture of me, the artist Robyn, Farah and MyNa from Mahoyo
In the nature with my dog Hazel
A picture of Mahoyo being filmed for the documentary: Mahoyo breaking stereotypes: South Africa
Me djing and the artist Beatrice Eli performing
Picture of me in sunglasses